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CNRS / Musée de l'Orient et de la Méditerranée - 2017

Target audience

Archaeology museum visitors (Gadagne, Bibracte, etc.)

Educational goals

Stimulate and motivate the practice of archaeology and develop the skills of amateurs

Our proposal

The result of collaborative work undertaken by the CNRS and several French museums, the fun PVAA application is a tool aiming to stimulate and motivate the practice of archaeology by amateurs. By visiting various mediations at several museums, participating in events and sharing his discoveries, the user will improve the skills in his profile. He will thus be able to progress and unlock numerous badges and other awards that will reflect his expertise. We first intervened to design the application and provide gamification advice; we then developed a functional prototype for a real-life test in museums in Lyon and elsewhere during the National Archaeology Days. The result is an even more interactive, entertaining and engaging visit!

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