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Image catégorie réalisation

Image catégorie réalisation
Serious Games


©Université de Tours / CNRS / Université d'Orléans / Université de Bourgogne - 2020

Target audience

Tourists and visitors in the city of Tours

Educational goals

Explore an architectural heritage by virtually visiting a church that no longer exists. Experiment with the spatialisation of sound in this space. Discover the polyphonic vocal music of the Renaissance

Our proposal

The collegiate church of Saint-Martin in Tours was destroyed during the French Revolution, so the purpose of this serious game is to reconstruct it in the form of a 3D model, which offers a novel sensory experience thanks to virtual reality and spatialised sound. In this serious game, the ‘visitor’ discovers both the church and the musical works of Jean de Okeghem, thanks to two original kinds of game mechanics. In the first, they head off to search for ‘musical sequences’ by listening to and locating them. In the second game, the visitor must reconstruct extracts of polyphonic music, in the correct order, on the church's organ. This interpretation product was developed with input from DOWiNO, as part of the "Ambition-Research-Development Heritage Intelligence" programme funded by the Centre-Val de Loire Regional Council.

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