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Serious Games

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Udapei 74 - 2020

Target audience

Mentally disabled people

Educational goals

Raise awareness of how to prevent cancer, in a game using easy-read language


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Our proposal

This serious game, produced in easy-read language, puts the player in the shoes of a TV gameshow contestant, who must answer lots of questions about preventing cancer. Each episode covers a specific topic: diet, tobacco, alcohol, physical activity, screening, etc. The game lets each disabled person assess their knowledge and earn medals, and gives them a simple challenge to meet each day. The content was devised by a working group with support from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional centre for cancer screening coordination (CRCDC AURA), the Savoie department primary health insurance fund (CPAM74), the Savoie department branch of the regional health education and promotion body (IREPS 74) and the AURA regional branch of the French federation of disability charities (UNAPEI).

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