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Institut Public Ocens - 2019

Target audience

Health/social care professionals but also the general public (schoolchildren, helpers, etc.)

Educational goals

Raise awareness of visually impaired people's difficulties in their daily lives


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Our proposal

Sensivise is a virtual reality-based serious game that raises awareness of visual disability. The player steps into the shoes of a visually impaired person, and can simulate various visual disturbances (central scotoma, tunnel vision…). While moving around a virtual apartment, they will realise the difficulties faced daily by visually impaired people: setting an alarm clock, finding an item in a cupboard or reading the TV listings are real challenges! Aimed at professionals in the health and social care sectors, but also at the general public (helpers, sighted children, teachers, architects…), Sensivise helps raise awareness of how our environment influences the performing of everyday tasks, and fosters reflection on simple solutions to adapt it (suitable brightness, colour-contrast stripes, customised equipment, etc.).

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