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Serious Games

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LADAPT - 2018

Target audience

Employees, managers, Human Resources departments of micro-businesses, SMEs and large companies

Educational goals

Raise awareness of invisible disability and recognition of the status of disabled worker (RQTH) among company employees


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Our proposal

We paired our expertise with that of LADAPT to design this serious game intended to raise employee awareness of invisible disability and promote recognition of the status of disabled worker. In this interactive fiction, the player will take turns playing three members of a unit of very special agents: the Cobra Zero team. Because the player successively plays several characters, the game enables him or her to gain a fresh perspective on disability, by demonstrating the complexity of this issue. Each company that wants to offer this serious game can obtain a customised version, marketed by LADAPT. Easy to learn and creating emulation between employees, Cobra Zero is an original tool for raising awareness about disability in companies.

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