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Serious Games

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Target audience

People in situations of social and professional reintegration

Educational goals

Overcome psychological barriers to mobility by identifying traveller profiles

Our proposal

We developed a serious game for associations that focuses on the user experience. It targets people going through social reintegration. Through their choices and actions, players will realise that there are many different paths to reach the destination, and all have their share of surprises and events! A trainer accompanies the player throughout the journey, making the tool easy to use and allowing for a collective debrief after each mission. A detailed back office enables the paths and traveller profiles of each of the players to be identified."Un formateur accompagne le joueur tout au long de son parcours et lui permet à la fois une prise en main aisée et un échange collectif à la fin de chaque chapitre du jeu. Un back office détaillé permet de connaître les parcours et les profils de voyageur de chacun des joueurs

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