What we do

DOWiNO is a creative studio whose job is to raise awareness of issues with a strong social dimension.

We custom design the necessary tools for public and private organisations.



About us


After more than 10 years honing our expertise in serious games, animated films and marketing, we set up DOWiNO in November 2013 to align our values, expertise and creativity.

Since then, we’ve demonstrated our ability and commitment by working on awareness, education, communication and training projects with various clients, including Dinno Santé, Groupe UP (formerly Cheque Dejeuner), Les Argonautes, and the Île de France water authority (SEDIF).

Recent work


Self-initiated work

To show our creativity and bring serious games and games for change to a wider public, we have set ourselves the aim of self-producing and self-publishing certain projects that are particularly close to our hearts. These collaborative projects are financed through crowdfunding campaigns, which raise money but primarily enable us to check the degree of public interest and to co-build the project with its end users.

The first of these projects, A Blind Legend, raised more than €43,000 from a community of over 1,000 contributors on the Ulule platform.

A Blind Legend is the first audio-only action/adventure game for mobile phones, where ears replace eyes thanks to a very innovative technology: binaural sound. The game is aimed not just at visually impaired (VI) people but also at anyone who’s hungry for an original sensory experience with a trailblazing video game.
For us, the game achieves two objectives: giving VI people access to high-quality video games, but also raising public awareness of this type of disability.

In this game, the players are guided only by 3D sound and live the adventure by controlling their hero with multi-point tactile gestures.

The project is receiving assistance from nonprofits/charities such as the Fédération des Aveugles de France and the Association Valentin Haüy and funding from the Centre National de la Cinématographie and the Rhône-Alpes Regional Council.

To find out more: www.ablindlegend.com and on social netwoks:

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With the support of:



Smokitten is the first mobile video game to help people quit smoking and teach children never to start! A cross between a pet game and a time management game, it’s not for solo play but instead lets you connect with other male and female players. Children, friends or loved ones can send messages and other alerts to the player to support them in their endeavour.

To carry out this collaborative project, we’re currently building a community of specialists in prevention, tobacco addiction and cessation, and also of smokers, vapers, ex-smokers or non-smokers… to create a serious game that’s effective, socially minded, and even more engaging!

First stage of this project: the crowdfunding campaign currently on Ulule!

More information at www.smokitten.com and via social networks :

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Soutenez Smokitten sur Ulule !

Our values




We are convinced thatdigital technology and gamification encourage reflection on behavior and habits, especially when it comes to do widthethical, social and environmental issues.

DOWiNO is a cooperative because we believe in thesocial economy: combining social objectives and business efficiency through democratic governance and fair pay.

What really matters to us is tackling each project with the same rigour and curiosity staying thorough, intuitive and capable of sharing our perspectives and knowledge. We are proud to work this way.


We’re supported by:


In France, SCOP’s are cooperative and participatory companies. They are subject to the profit imperative, like any business, but enjoy democratic governance and profit-sharing that is chiefly designed to sustain jobs and the corporate project. URSCOP Rhône-Alpes, the regional SCOP federation, helps us develop and grow. 


Rhône Développement Initiative (RDI) is a non-profit organisation. Its chief purpose is to promote companies that create jobs for people experiencing exclusion in the Department (county) of Rhône. RDI has provided funding to facilitate our start-up, and helped us raise money from banks.


Social entrepreneurship:


The Mouvement des entrepreneurs sociaux (Mouves) is a French movement that unites and represents the senior officers of social companies throughout France – entrepreneurs who, like us, have chosen to dedicate business efficiency to the common good.


Entrepreneurs d’avenir is a community of senior officers who are committed to a new business model that reconciles competitiveness with respect for people, their wellbeing at work, and with ethical, social and environmental standards.


Competitiveness clusters:


The IMAGINOVE cluster unites, and fosters the development of, the digital content industry in the Rhône-Alpes regionIMAGINOVE supports stakeholders in the cultural and creative imagemaking industry (video games, cinema, audiovisual, multimedia) by building real synergies between them.


The members of the SYNDICAT NATIONAL DU JEU VIDEO (SNJV) are companies that produce video games and multimedia entertainment. The SNVJ represents the profession’s interests; promotes French production of video games in France and worldwide; and communicates on the industry.


I-Care Cluster is a federative initiative aimed at all stakeholders in the health technology industry in the Rhône-Alpes region. These companies design, make and sell medical devices and solutions derived from health-information technology.



Are you looking at ways to make your activity more fun/entertaining?

Do you have several projects in mind such as Serious game, gamified app or educational short film?

Are you a game designer, 2D or 3D illustrator, designer, developer, or sound designer? A freelancer or entrepreneur...? Talented and in tune with our values?
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